Meet The Couple Who Claim They Are ‘America’s Best Looking Couple’ And Spend $75K A Year On Their Appearance

“We’re a power couple, making power moves” taking power naps, driving cars with power steering, and destroying toilets with power shits…

This is Buck and Michelle Miller. They are, as Buck says, “Without a doubt, we are America’s best looking couple. For a fact. Hands down.”

Um…Nope. For a fact. Hands down. NOPE.

But hey, everyone is entitled to their own vanity and inflated sense of self so if the Millers want to think they’re 2015’s hottest shit, then godspeed.

These real-life Derek Zoolanders spend about $75,000 a year on the upkeep of their appearance, with most of that money going towards supplements, manicures, pedicures, hair cuts, and tanning and gym memberships. Based on the video, they have a substantial budget for Tupperware as well, because they precook an entire week’s worth of meals in one day.

Speaking of one day, the Millers go to the gym no less than three times in one day. THREE TIMES.

Because Buck and Michelle Miller most certainly have not.