U.S. Map Shows America’s Fattest States From 2014 And The Winner Is 2013’s Defending Champion

by 4 years ago

Congratulations, Mississippi! You could have taken your 2013 title for most obese state in America and said “Gee, gang, we really ought to do something to fix this obese rate.” But you didn’t say that at all (apparently). Instead you said, “You know what? Let’s take this title in stride. Wear it like a badge of honor. And let’s go back to back on this motherfucker and show West Virginia who’s boss! What do ya say? Huh?!?! HUH!?! Who’s with me?”

Apparently everyone was with this fictitious person I just created because Mississippi went out and accomplished their fucking objective by turning in a STAGGERING 35% obese rate for 2014. Totally fulfilling their prophecy! Hot damn.

Below is a map highlighting America’s most and least obese states.

Looking at this last chart, it appears that year-after-year this title is a two horse race between Mississippi and West Virginia. The two states are just hogging all that sweet, sweet obesity glory. Except for in 2008 when both of them slipped up and dark horse Delaware snuck in to take the victory, completing what many (see: no one at all) now consider the greatest underdog story in American history.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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