America’s Oldest Living Veteran Smokes 12 Cigars A Day, Pounds Whiskey, Lives The Damn Life

America’s oldest living veteran Richard Overton will turn 109 years old next week. This Sunday, Overton celebrated the pending milestone by throwing himself a kick ass party complete with cigars, liquor and burgers.

Overton spends his time chomping on cigars — allegedly 12 a day — doing yard work and just living the life.

Here’s Overton’s typical day, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Ms. Elliot, his neighbor, said that on most days Mr. Overton can be found hanging out on his porch or working in his yard, sweeping his driveway and picking up fallen branches.

Once, she recalled, she asked him the secret to his longevity and he pointed to a plastic cup with whiskey, saying, “I’m drinking it.”

Here’s to another 109 years for Mr. Overton because those cigars ain’t gonna smoke themselves. [via Gawker]

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