An Entire Colorado Town’s Water Supply Has Been Tainted With THC

East of Denver sits Hugo, Colorado, a tiny town of only about 750 people. Marijuana shops aren’t permitted in Hugo, though the town has true stoner problem on its hands: THC has been found in the town’s water supply and it sure looks like someone intentionally tried to dose the town with THC, which isn’t a water soluble chemical. Via CNN:

It has not been confirmed that the potential contamination was deliberate, Yowell said. But signs of tampering were found on one of the five main wells that supplies water to the town of 720 people about 100 miles southeast of Denver.

The contaminated well has been closed but preliminary tests suggest the entire water supply has been affected, Yowell said.

Hugo Public Works notified the sheriff’s office of the potential contamination earlier Thursday after discovering signs of tampering, Yowell said.

This sounds like a plot line out of a Cheech and Chong movie staring Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa.

Bad news for the towns Papa John’s, however: Fresh, uncontaminated water is on the way.

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