WATCH: Angry English Lad Goes Ballistic On A Bunch Of American Bros In A McDonald’s

I try to avoid going to McDonald’s when it is dark out simply because I’ve watched way too many videos like this where shit hits the fan. McDonald’s after dark truly can be a cesspool of humanity at its worst. The Internet can’t seem to decide who is on home turf in this video: Is it an American McDonald’s (and the English lad is visiting the U.S.) or a British McDonald’s (whereas the Americans are tourists)?

Regardless, the angry, possibly drunk British lad starts going ballistic like a ‘roided up boxer in a Guy Ritchie movie towards the American Bros. In fact, he appears to be kicking the one dude’s ass while screaming like The Hulk after gargling hydrogen peroxide. What an asshole.

[H/T: Unilad]