Angry Mob Lets Thief Choose His Fate And Both Options Are Pretty Damn Awful

by 2 years ago
Criminal Thinking


This story feels like something out of the Bible or some other work of fiction.

According to the Daily Sun, residents in Rondos, Abuja caught a thief red-handed while attempting to walk off with stuff from a community house. The mob caught the guy and let him choose fate. Either get beaten senseless by the group or eat his own shit and wash it down with his own piss.

I feel like he made the wrong choice.

The man, identified as Alley Zitha, is alleged to have squatted in front of the crowd and then proceeded to eat his own waste in a shocking display of cowardice.

Zitha alleges that he puked twice throughout the ordeal but was forced to see it through, drinking his own urine during the incident.

The thief swears this taught him a lesson and he’ll “never steal again.” Probably won’t be able to eat again either.

[via News24]

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