Candidate For Governor Of Rhode Island Runs Campaign Ad, Says ‘Yes, I Smoke Cannabis’ Before Ripping Bowl On Camera

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I’m not saying that the legalization of Cannabis/Marijuana/Weed is THE BIGGEST political topic of 2016, but it’s certainly in the top 10, and depending on the demographic it might even be in the top 5. At the very least the legalization or reclassification of cannabis is a big enough issue to the point that every major candidate has been forced to address it at some point or another.

This is taking the discussion to a whole new level though, and correct me if I’m wrong but this is the first time that a major candidate has ran a campaign ad that’s pro-marijuana AND gone on film showing them smoke weed. Anne Armstrong is running for Governor of Rhode Island and she’s a staunch advocate of cannabis legalization (or the end of marijuana prohibition, however you want to look at it). Here’s the ad she’s running in which she talks about how she smokes weed daily, and then goes on to hit a bowl of Rhode Island’s phinest sticky icky icky:

We’ve seen statements from every end of the spectrum. Bernie Sanders doesn’t think marijuana should be illegal on the federal level, and on the other end of the spectrum Chris Christie claimed that if he was elected President of the United States he’d have repealed all recreational legalization across the country (probably one of the reasons that crooked NJ politician had to drop out of the race, it is scary though that he stands to get a potential VP nod from Donald Trump).

I know nothing at all about Anne Armstrong’s campaign other than what I learned in this ad, so if you’re a Rhode Island voter and you want to learn more you can go check her out on Facebook or ready up on her website.

Other recent weed news around the country includes Phoenix, Arizona readying itself for legalization. Pro-recreational legalization ads just hit the airwaves in Vermont, and this dude with balls the size of Mt. Rushmore offered President Obama a hit of legal weed at a bar in Denver, Colorado:

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