Anonymous Hackers Track Down Bully Who Beat The Crap Out Of Kid And Broke His Ribs For 50 Dollars

by 3 years ago


It seems like hacktivist gorup, Anonymous, have taken some time off from fighting ISIS and other evils in the world to take on a bully in Australia. Anonymous reportedly leaked the personal info of a teenage bully who was caught on camera beating up another kid over a 50 dollars.

After the video made the rounds on the Internet the hacktivist group posted this message on the Internet.

It has come to our attention that a video showing a guy hitting another guy who clearly shows fear gets hit numerous times, kicked and punched and has his ribs [sic] broken all over $50 that the victim say’s he was going to pay the next day.The video is quite unpleasant and you can hear his ribs break as he screams. So who is this tough guy?

Eventually Anonymous was able track down the kid’s home address, phone number, social media accounts as well his parents and grandparents info and posted it all over the Internet.

According to 7 News the bully was bombarded with violent threats which included some claiming that they were going to set his house on fire.

The bully eventually took to Facebook to respond and claimed the he beat the kid because he had stolen from him and his friends and called him ‘a compulsive liar’

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