Umm… Apparently There Are Two Kinds of Female Orgasm?

Oh man, here comes Science, just SHATTERING every concept of female sexual stimulation us men have held over the past twenty thousand years.

Goddammit, Science. I thought I knew what was up. But apparently, I don’t. Here’s what Science has to say about the female orgasm (Science in this sense being the website

There is a long-standing and heated debate in the scientific literature about whether or not there are two kinds of female orgasm. One side argues that orgasms stemming from penetration are fundamentally different from those arising from clitoral stimulation. The other side insists that they are really the same thing, and the only difference is how the clitoris is stimulated.

I actually knew nothing of this debate, but LE FASCINATE! Please tell me you are going to test this hypothesis using a corporately branded vibrator and a wet tampon.

The ultrasounds were performed in three healthy volunteers with the General Electric® Voluson® sonography system (General Electric Healthcare, Vélizy, France), using a 12-MHz flat probe and a vaginal probe. We used functional sonography of the stimulated clitoris either during manual self-stimulation of the external clitoris or during vaginal penetration with a wet tampon.

Nothing like random women sticking soggy tamps inside themselves in the name of Science. How was this explained to the subject? Well, you see that tampon over there? We want it in you. But only after we wet it. What did we wet it with? Don’t worry.

Okay, sorry for the tangent. What did you find out, Science?

Despite a common assumption that there is only one type of female orgasm, we may infer, on the basis of our findings, that the different reported perceptions from these two types of stimulation can be explained by the different parts of the clitoris (external and internal) .

So mouth fucking orgasms are different from dick fucking orgasms. Good to know.

But which is better? Science?


[H/T UPROXX, Orgasm via Shutterstock]