People Are Going #DicksOut On Twitter Because Everyone Thinks Apple’s New Gorilla Emoji Is Harambe

by 4 years ago

The latest update to Apple’s iOS, 10.2, features some new goodies like a TV app and new videos widget, but the most important thing, and all that people on the internet care about today is one emoji that appears among the 104 new emojis added to the system: a gorilla.

Forget the new emojis like a shark, facepalm, a clown, a whiskey glass, fingers crossed, an astronaut or an avocado. It’s all about the gorilla that everyone WANTS TO BELIEVE is our dearly-departed Harambe.

According to Unicode, the emoji is “just a gorilla,” but try telling that to everyone already going #DicksOut on the internet…

Oh yeah, here are the rest of the new emojis Apple just added, like any of them matter…

H/T Uproxx