The Arcade Hotel, World’s First Overnight Spot Specifically For Gamers, Opens In Amsterdam

Arcade Hotel Amsterdam 5

The landing page tells the story of the ideabehind the new Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam.

“Thelonious Monk meets the Eames couple meets Marty McFly and they all have a drink with Captain Sparrow. Gaming, mid-century design and a lot of heart & soul under one roof.”

Here’s a quick overview that will have you booking a room the minute you’re done reading.

We take a first look at the newly opened Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam, which combines mid-century design with all the necessary consoles and games that gamers could wish for. Each of the 36 rooms comes with a vintage gaming console and a special game rental system. Furthermore you can pick up handheld consoles from the reception or go for a battle in the lobby. If you want to take a step away from the gaming, you can also get a bit lost in the comic book library. The rooms are outfitted with vintage furniture finds and mid-century design classics.

The hotel offers a 1:00pm checkout because they “know those few minutes extra sleep are worth it”, a discounted breakfast of “local cheese, organic jams, Italian ham, fresh fruits, whole grain bread and honey and unlimited D.I.Y Waffles” free unlimited coffee and tea (for late nights or not awake yet mornings) and a free welcome drink (alcoholic) upon arrival.

The Arcade Hotel also offers a free ride anywhere around town. How fast you get from point to point is up to your legs.

It’s simple: This is Amsterdam. People move by bike. Imagine Batman walking instead of driving the Batmobile. You get the point. It’s a thing. Lucky for you we have a bikegantomatic (and yes we just made that word up) fleet of bikes. Waiting for you to rent. But beware, this is bike country. Duchies first ride a bike and then they learn to walk. Therefore they ride, let’s say, courageously. That means you’ve got to watch your back. And front. And side. And beneath you.

To celebrate, The Arcade Hotel is having a soft opening with teams of gamers going head-to-head while chowing down on authentic Amsterdam street food and listing to live music.

It might be time change those spring break plans, or, just make them.

Arcade Hotel Amsterdam 5

Arcade Hotel Amsterdam 5

Arcade Hotel Amsterdam 5

Arcade Hotel Amsterdam

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