5 Arguments Couples Get Into That Would Never Have Happened 10 Years Ago

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Ten years ago it was 2004. At the time we may have thought there was nothing more couples could argue about, but we were proven oh so wrong.  Here are five arguments couples get into now that didn’t exist ten years ago.

1. Jennifer Lawrence comparison-based questions

Jennifer Lawrence has really given dudes a problem. She’s talented, hilarious, and a kind of beautiful that defies science. The problem is that your girlfriend will ask you of Jennifer Lawrence, “Do you think she’s prettier than me?” You’re either going to have to lie or be honest. Either way, you lose. You know who won best actress ten years ago? Hillary Swank. There’s an entire episode of The Office devoted to the argument of whether Hillary Swank is hot or not. Ten years ago your girlfriend could ask you, “Do you think Hillary Swank is prettier than me?” and you could legitimately answer no. Even with other famous actresses that were around ten years ago you could always say they may have the looks, but their personality is nothing compared to yours.

However, Lawrence is too awesome to even say that. Lawrence seems like the kind of girl who would call you a pussy for not taking a shot of tequila, and you’d like it.

2. Which Netflix series you’re going to binge-watch next

Times were simpler ten years ago when the only visual display arguments were which movie you were going to see. It used to be a simple math equation. For every action movie you dragged her to, you would see three chick flicks.

With Netflix Instant, though, there are so many options that couples will argue over whether they binge watch House of Cards or Orange is the New Black. Winning this argument is more crucial now than ever because you’re investing at least ten hours of your life into a TV series, and that’s just the first season.

3. Gluten diet related arguments

I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think gluten existed ten years ago. Now it seems like it’s the only thing that exists. Sure couples have always been able to argue about whether or not their partner should be on a diet or not, but the gluten diet argument is a rather new one. Now instead of saying, “Does this dress make me look fat?” your lady will ask you “Does this gluten make me look like I have rolls?”

4. Whether or not e-cigarettes are cool/safe

I’ve personally never smoked a cigarette or e-cigarette in my life. However, I’ve seen people smoke both e-cigarettes and normie cigarettes (as we’ll call them). When smoking was banned from bars and restaurants in a lot of states, it seemed like a relatively good idea to keep people’s lungs safe from the inhalation of smoke. What people failed to realize was that this led to non-smokers who have smoker friends sitting alone at bars for ten-minute intervals whenever they left them to go smoke outside. Recently cities have started to ban e-cigarettes as well, leading non-smokers with smoker friends to continue living a life of periodic ten minute intervals pretending to have important things happen on their phones.

This fact only fuels the debate between couples on whether or not e-cigarettes are cool/safe. While one may argue that e-cigarettes are cool because they are odorless and safer health-wise, another may argue that new studies show they are just as dangerous as normie cigarettes. E-cigarettes haven’t been around long enough to show credible facts on whether or not they are actually bad for you which makes the argument even more prevalent.

Ironically this couples argument will always end with, “I’m too stressed to talk about this I’m going out to have a cigarette.”

5. Interactions from exes on social media

Social media has never been more popular. While it may be great for seeing what people are eating for lunch every day, it also leads to possible future arguments between couples. Arguments like why your ex-girlfriend Stacy just liked a picture you took of a sunset on Instagram. “Oh so does that sun setting bringing the day to an end symbolize the end of our relationship? Why don’t you and Stacy just get married already? You two can go take pictures of the sunset and talk about how amazing Jennifer Lawrence is together.”

Toby Davis is a comedian originally from the plains of South Dakota and has been alive ever since birth. Follow him on Twitter here, or like his Facebook page.


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