An Armored Truck Spilled $4.5 Million On A Street And Of Course People Went Apeshit


We’ve all seen those Brinks armored trucks cruising around, and pondered about what might be inside. Is it diamonds, or cash, or cash made of diamonds, or even diamonds made of cash? If only those heavily padlocked doors could accidentally swing open, and maybe a few of those cash diamonds could spill out and I could be stinking rich.

Well, that’s exactly what happened in Hong Kong–minus the cash diamonds–when $52 million in HK notes fell out of the back of an armored trunk on a road in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district. That’s the equivalent of $4.5 million. From the South China Morning Post:

The vehicle was transporting a total of HK$270 million in cash. The HK$500 and HK$1,000 banknotes were contained in 30 plastic boxes.

Three of the boxes with a total of HK$52.5 million cash were dropped from a door of a G4S van. A total of HK$15.23 million in cash was later found to be missing.

It happened on Christmas Eve, which makes it the best Christmas ever. In the video below, you can see people stopping cars, getting out, and scrambling on their hands and knees to grab bills. Exactly like you would, too.

Police have asked people to return the money, because apparently taking it constitutes a crime. Stealing, supposedly. Whoda thunk it?

As of now, three-quarters of the money is still uncounted for, after 30 people came to the station and returned what they took. One person had collected the equivalent of over a quarter-million dollars in cash. Two people, who were less into the returning idea, have been arrested.

Damn. That’s awesome.

[H/T Sploid]