Armpit Hair On Women Is Becoming A Trend So Don’t Act Weird When You See It For The First Time

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It’s the summer time. Less clothing as always, but this year, more pit hair on chicks. Prepare accordingly.

Love it or hate it, not shaving under the arms has morphed into a call to action for other women as well who are looking to be free of the constraint or choose for themselves without ridicule.

Mom Katherine Anne True, a registered nurse in Raynham, Massachusetts, recently showed off her underarm growth on Instagram, though she has not joined others there who sport hair they’ve dyed blue and other festive colors.

“I started it a few months ago before I knew it was a trend,” said True, 30.

You could blame celebs who’ve recently stopped Bic-ing their pits for red carpet events but the real finger of blame belongs to the damn Europeans.

In parts of Europe and elsewhere around the world, it’s never been about shorn. And until the rise of razors marketed specifically to women, along with sleeveless fashion at the turn of the 20th century, hair was far more there in the United States, crossing over in more recent decades from a music fest-earth mother ideal of femininity.

Oh right, blame music festivals too. So it’s moms, celebs, music festivals and the fact that shaving under the arms is uncomfortable as hell. In a couple years, men will have less body hair than woman and thank god I’ll have finished my rocket ship to Pluto by then.

[via NY Post]

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