These Are The Most Unfaithful States In America Based On Data From The Ashley Madison Hack

cheating on husband


This Ashley Madison hack is the gift that keeps on giving, huh? It’s a blogger’s wet dream. I wake up every morning to find out that while I was asleep more stuff has come out. Kind of like…well…a wet dream.

While I suppose being happy about the continued stream of data is a bit insensitive to those innocent people who are now learning that they’ve been cheated on by their dirtbag spouses, I chalk it up to being “not my fucking problem.” Everyone involved in the hack will eventually pick up the pieces and be stronger for having had the experience…is what I’m telling myself to justify our posting all of this infidelity content.

Today, we see the chart below created by a Reddit user who took the Ashley Madison hack data, U.S. Census statistics, and figured out which states at the most unfaithful.

This is where you make a joke about West Virginia being the most faithful because everyone in that state is too busy fucking their siblings to be on Ashley Madison.

[H/T Reddit]

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