Ashley Madison Hack Reveals That This Unexpected City Is The Best Place To Go If You Want To Bang A Married Person

by 4 years ago

This week’s hack job of Ashley Madison has left many-a-philanderer shaking in his/her boots. The website which boasts the motto, “Life is short, have an affair” has been the victim of hackers and now all 37 million subscribers of the site are left vulnerable, wondering if their wife or husband will find out that they married little more than a common street whore.

Trying times for those folks. Really feel for them. Sarcasm.

Out of the hacks comes one interesting factoid: We now get to know which city has the most subscribers compared to their total population. The answer is Ottawa and the ratio of citizens to Ashley Madison subscribers is a staggering — as in HOLY SHIT THAT CAN’T BE RIGHT — number. Of the city’s 883,000 citizens, over 189,000 of then have a profile on Ashley Madison. HOT DIGGITY.

I guess there’s nothing to do in Ottawa but watch hockey and fuck. That actually doesn’t sound like a terrible way to spend your life. You know, if you’re into that sort of stuff.

According to the NY Post:

Some 189,810 Ashley Madison users were registered in Ottawa, a city with a population of about 883,000, making the capital No. 1 for philanderers in Canada and potentially the highest globally per capita, according to previously published figures from the Toronto-based company.

For now, every marriage in Ottawa may not have to burn itself to the ground, because the hack is apparently an inside job. Meaning, people’s secret might be safe.

The one bright spot for millions of Ashley Madison’s nervous clients is that the hack appears to be an inside job, according to police and intelligence sources. Avid Life has also said it is convinced the hackers were formerly connected to the company.

Go on wit ya bad self, Ottawa.

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