This Woman’s Shocked Face Mugshot Is Going To Live Online Forever

Every now and then someone gets arrested and their mugshot transcends whatever crimes they may or may not have committed. That’s what happened with one Ashley Stabler when she was arrested and booked for driving with a suspended license, no proof of insurance, and improper license plates in Tulsa.

I don’t know whether she sat on something or whether someone off-camera made her react like this, but whatever the reason, she definitely is a contender for mugshot of the year.

Any guesses as to what may have caused such a reaction? I’d love to hear them. And you just know that if there aren’t already some created there will definitely be memes to be made here.

Stabler is reportedly scheduled for a court appearance today so hopefully the judge also got a look at her unique mugshot and gives her a little leniency for being so epic.

H/T The Smoking Gun