Ever Wonder How Astronauts Go To The Bathroom On The International Space Station? Here’s How And It Looks Terrifying!

When you think about the astronauts in the International Space Station you think of the awe-inspiring views and the critical experiments they’re conducting. You forget that these brave men and women have to do normal things such as make pee-pee and kaka. And since they are in Earth’s low orbit, approximately 249 miles above the planet, the lack of gravity provides some challenges towards emptying their bowels. THANKFULLY this educational video from the European Space Agency addresses the burning question, “How do astronauts go to the bathroom?”

EAS astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti gave a tour of the toilet in the I.S.S. and it isn’t the most glamorous part of the vessel. The Italian astronaut gives a demonstration on how urination is performed on the space station. You have to stick your dick or your vagina into this vacuum hose and it sucks your bodily waste away. Sounds potentially dangerous to me and you know some horny male astronaut utilized the suction to get a space beej.

It gets better! The astronaut urine is recycled into drinking water. No tap water for me, I only drink bottled water.

Then when you want to pinch off a log you sit on this small keg-looking contraption that sucks your shit from your rectum and into a tidy little bag. Actually I like the sound of that, no leftover doodies hanging around. So if you were wondering how there wasn’t floating space turds all around the I.S.S., now you know and knowing is half the battle.

Here’s how to freshen up after you take your space shit.


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