Watch A Cop In Austin Pepper Spray The Eyeballs Off A Dude Already In Handcuffs In The Back Of A Police Van

by 2 years ago

I’m torn here guys. You regular readers know I am a liberal liberal who tends to side with citizens and their right to not be beaten, gassed, and murdered by the police (which, while not in the Constitution, is a freedom I think everybody deserves), but I also feel that anyone who steps within 1,000 miles of South by Southwest in Austin deserves the kind of brain-searing pain that comes from a can of pepper spray to the face for ever thinking attending that event is a good thing.

Networking my balls.

That said, I’m siding with the citizen here, because he was already cuffed and in the back of a police van. Sure, he was kicking at the doors, but if you are gonna blow your lid at minor nuisances like that, maybe police work isn’t the right field for you.

The officer in the video was identified as Cameron Caldwell. Austin police said they are conducting an internal investigation into his actions.

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