Two Deadly Brown Snakes Twisted Up In A Battle For Mating Rights Is Today’s WTF Vortex Of NOPE

The Mulga Snake is locally known as the ‘King Brown Snake’ across Western Australia, and it ranks amongst the 10 deadliest snakes on the entire island (#6 according to NatGeo). Apparently, it’s Mulga Snake Fucking Season because this footage above has just begun making the rounds and in it we can see two fully grown King Brown Snakes intertwined like a red Twizzler candy in the middle of the road.

While this might be a strange sight for any passerby there’s something far more sinister at play, and this display of dominance means that one of those snakes (or both) isn’t likely to slither away alive. This isn’t regularly the case, but you never know what’s going to happen when two alpha males are competing to for the thottest belle of the ball.

Facebook commenters on this video posted by Danny Moroney argued that the two snakes in the video were actually a male and female mating, but those people were full of shit, and ‘Melbourne University Zoology PhD student Christopher Jolly confirmed to Daily Mail Australia the snakes were fighting over a female.’

I’d like to think that we as humans are different from these snakes, and fighting over the chance to mate with women isn’t in our DNA, but it is. Even if you’ve never had to fight another bro using your fists you’ve most certainly competed in other ways: working out/getting fit, style, personality. At the end of the day, we’re all just two King Brown Snakes fighting in the middle of the road for the chance to mate with Emma Watson, aren’t we?

[h/t MentalityMag via DailyMail]