Lady Finds Deadly Snake Hiding On Her Christmas Tree And If This Was Me I’d Have Burned The House Down

by 1 year ago

The venomous bite from Australia’s Tiger Snake has a 60% mortality rate, making it one of the deadliest snakes on the planet. So you can imagine the shock and horror experienced by one woman when she looked at her Christmas tree to see that the decorative tinsel was moving. But, upon closer inspection, she realized it was a muthafuckin’ tiger snake and it was chilling on the limbs of her Christmas tree in Melbourne.

As you can see, the natural camouflage of the tiger snake allows it to blend in perfectly amongst the golden tinsel and ornaments.

According to Metro UK, Australian tiger snakes are fairly docile by nature and don’t attack unless a human tries to handle them and that’s when they lash out.

The tiger snake is a species typically found in Southern Australia, all along the coast, and throughout Tasmania. Adult tiger snakes can grow up to 10-feet-long, making them formidable predators and big enough to scare the shit out of your pants if you’re unfortunate enough to find one chilling on your Christmas tree. I’d have shat my pants right then and there, and I really don’t have any fear of snakes.

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