Australian Truck Driver Manages To Drop The F-Bomb 16 Times On His Dashcam While Witnessing Another Truck Roll Over

This is the most Australian video I’ve seen in months. In under two minutes the Aussie truck driver speaking to his dashboard camera manages to drop the F-bomb sixteen times, he uses the word ‘c*nt’ five times, and tosses in three uses of ‘mate’ for good measure. If this man had a reality show on television of him just driving around Australia and speaking to his dashcam I’d watch the sh*t out of it. This Australian truck driver has only bolstered my perception that all men from Australia speak like this, as I’ve yet to meet any Australian man who didn’t use the word ‘c*nt’ within the first 2 minutes of speaking. And all the glorious language aside, did you really expect him to get out of that truck wearing a neon party tank? And have the gait of an NFL running back? I just can’t stop watching this video, every time I re-watch it I notice something new and entertaining.

And I’m dead serious about wishing this man had a reality show. It’d be entertaining on so many different fronts. You’d get to see a lot of the parts of Australia you’d never see on other travel shows, and you’d get to listen to the world’s most entertaining truck driver narrating all of the other a$$hole drivers on the highways of Australia. I don’t need to see the Great Barrier Reef to deem an Australian travel show on TV worth my time, it just needs to be entertaining, and that man’s entertaining as f*ck.