Authorities In Kentucky Are Gonna Destroy A Bunch Of Bottles Of Pappy Van Winkle



I’m not one of those Pappy Van Winkle die hards, who fawn over the shit, but regardless, this still sucks.

If you remember a while back, a bunch of bottles of Pappy Van Winkle were stolen from the distillery. After years, police in Kentucky finally tracked down the culprits.

As part of the investigation, 26 bottles of Pappy were confiscated. Authorities were set to auction them off, but now, the Pappy family wants them destroyed, according to The Guardian:

Franklin County sheriff Pat Melton backed off his suggestion that 28 bottles of the prestigious Pappy Van Winkle brand be sold at auction, with proceeds going mostly to charitable causes.

Julian Van Winkle III, grandson of Julian “Pappy” Van Winkle Sr, raised concerns about putting the purloined whiskey up for sale, Melton said. Van Winkle wants the stolen bourbon destroyed because of concerns it might have been tampered or contaminated, the sheriff said.

“We totally respect his wishes,” Melton said.

I presume it’s because they want to keep it off the market. Fucking bastards. No one tampered with that shit.

This is why you shouldn’t drink Pappy. There are plenty of other delicious bourbons on the market that don’t involve this level of pretention.

[H/T Cass, again]

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