Wild Card Judge Sentences Woman To Walk Distance Of Her Ditched Taxi Ride: 30 MILES

That’s the honorable Judge Michael A. Cicconetti and right now I’m applauding the shit out of him for sentencing a girl to walk 30 miles after she was found guilty of abandoning a taxi without paying her fare somewhere within the confines of Lake County, Ohio, where the old-school judge presides.

Renowned for being “creative” when sentencing his Lake County constituents, last Friday Judge Cicconetti instilled the fear of God in Victoria Bascom by sentencing her to spend 30 days in prison, before then offering option two: walk 30 miles. That’s how far it is between Cleveland and Painsevile – the distance the taxi traveled carrying Bascom home one evening before she ditched it on arrival.

This is how justice is served, people.

HAHAHA! Judge Cicconetti’s style is just so cowboy, so renegade! A real trail blazer, total wild card.

You have to love watching Victoria Bascom’s face go from absolute discontentment when the judge hands down the 30-day sentence:

To comic-induced relief when she realizes she’s obviously going to be taking the latter option and tackle the walking:

Totally beats 30 days in prison, but there’s no way Bascom is going to be smiling the morning after completing her 30 mile trek, that’s for sure. My ass hurts just thinking about it. I’m sure Victoria will definitely think twice before ditching another cab ever again, after what was, from what I can infer, a night of drinking with her friends.

Judge Cicconetti’s no bullshit, hard knock implementation of the Golden Rule is just so super commendable. That’s some justice well served, your honor.

[via WOIO, h/t Playboy]