Azealia Banks Endorses Trump, Says Hillary A ‘Racist’ Who Talks To Black People Like ‘Children Or Pets’

In a time where everyone has an opinion on the upcoming presidential election, who do you turn to for political insight to know which candidate will actually make the country better? There are so many political pundits with so many hot takes. But maybe none have as hot of takes on the all-important election as Azealia Banks. The extremely outspoken singer has revealed which presumptive presidential candidate she would endorse to lead America in 2017.

However, Azealia is not on-board the Trump train 100 percent.

But in the end, Azealia can fucks with Trump.

This is rather a surprise revelation considering that Azealia hoped that adamant Trump supporter Sarah Palin would be gang-raped by the “biggest burliest blackest” men. Talk about doing a 180.

Why not Bernie Sanders you ask? Azealia’s got answers.

Why not Hillary Clinton you ask? It is because the rapper believes that the Democratic front-runner is a “war-mongering racist” who speaks to black people “like children or pets.”

She followed with several links to articles to support her opinion.

When Miss Banks is told by a Twitter follower that “Trump is blatantly racist” and a “symbol of hatred,” she keeps it 100 in her retort.

But through it all, Azealia still hates Sarah Palin.