Girl Looking For Baby Daddy On Craigslist Includes Penis Size And Drawing Of Father, Apparently Looks Like Potato

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Lady…no. Just so much no.

If you have to turn to Craigslist to find your baby daddy, chances are he doesn’t wanna be found. How do I know this? Because the ad says that he told the girl he was a “business entrepreneur.” The only people who describe themselves as “business entrepreneurs” are creeps in suits looking to get laid by gullible chicks who don’t know the right questions to ask after he spits out that delightfully vague phrase. “What sort of business? Is it a start-up? Do you have investors? Are you just bullshitting me when in reality you’re just a McDick’s franchise owner?” are all questions any reasonable person would ask. Specifically, the ad reads:

If you want to be in the child’s life it will be born soon. I hope you will. I am Mexican-American. 5’4” 100 lbs when we screwed. You told me you wore a business entrepeneur.

I tried to draw you. I’m no police sketch artist, but I think the resemblance is there. You are Middle Eastern. Tallish. Had about a 6 and a half inch dick. We had sex 3 times. Then you disappeared.

If anybody from the village area recognized this man let him no he has baby son coming.

I’m not going to rip on her English since it’s obviously her second language (and if it isn’t then I truly pity the child she’s about to pop out), but come on. “We had sex 3 times. Then you disappeared.” Uh YEAH, because he doesn’t give a shit about you. Sure there’s a chance that, I dunno, he as abducted by pirates or something but really, what are the chances? I hope to God this ad is a joke, and if it isn’t then whoever posted it needs to take down that potato headed cradle death of a drawing at the top – no one in their right minds is going to look at that and say “Hmm, that looks like me!”

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