Still Can’t Find A Job After College? Did You Know Babysitters MAKE BANK?

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According to these new statistics, while you spent four years earning a bachelors and putting yourself into a lifetime of debt from student loans, your kid sister was making bank babysitter the neighbor’s shitty little brats.

Babysitters today (particularly the good ones) make well over minimum wage — and in some cities average more than $15 an hour.

In the past five years, the average pay of babysitters nationwide has jumped 28% to $13.44 an hour, according to a 2015 survey by — and in not one of the 75 cities examined were babysitters paid less than $11 an hour on average, a figure significantly higher than minimum wage. What’s more, more than one in four people tip their babysitter on top of the hourly rate they pay them, and nearly nine out of 10 say they will give their sitter an annual raise.

Here’s the cities where kid sitting pulls in the most dough, in case you’re also in the mood to up and move out of your dead end town.

Babysitters Pay

So why the huge jump in pay? says it’s because parents expect more out of babysitters than they did in the past. So it’s no more heat up pizza rolls, put on a movie and make sure they — or you — don’t burn the house down. Parents expect sitters to DO THINGS with kids and even take them places. They even except sitters to know CPR. It’s like you’re actually in charge of the kids now or something.

The more experience — both with kids and in schooling — the sitter has the more money he or she can ask for and probably get. So you’re degree in (looks at degree in history) won’t get you shit. Sorry.

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