British Dudes Thought It Would Be A Fun Bachelor Party Idea To Go To 9/11 Memorial And Take Pics With A Sex Doll

I’m all for gentlemen going out on their bachelor party and having the time of their lives. Soil your oats with strippers who may give your future wife syphilis. Go bananas. But this bachelor party crossed the line.

The group of men, believed to be from London, traveled to New York City for a raucously wild time. One of the activities to celebrate or mourn one of their friends getting married was to visit the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, because what better way to have a bitchin’ bachelor party is to visit the grave site of 2,996 innocent lives.

They’re out of town and maybe this is their only chance to visit the sacred and tragic location and it is nearly the 15 anniversary of the horrific September 11th terrorist attacks. No problem.

But they didn’t just go to Ground Zero to mourn the innocent lives lost. They went there to take photos with their blowup sex doll with three luscious love holes that they brought with them to the memorial.

That’s not a good look.

This definitely did not make any “Top 10 New York City Bachelor Party Ideas” list.

So while people were remembering the fiery inferno that caused people to jump out windows and fall 70 stories to their deaths and the two planes that toppled the Twin Towers, these twats were snapping pics with their fuckdoll by the reflecting pools.

People at the memorial site complained about the obnoxious display and police asked the men to leave. They apparently told the cops that they were there for a bachelor party.

The lack of respect is mindboggling.

Like how does one even come up with this pitiful plan?

-Hey Alfie, for you’re stag party we’re taking you to New York City!
-AWESOME! Thanks lads! What shall we be doing?
-We were thinking we’d hit some pubs for some pints and if you have the bollocks we’ll go to 9/11 memorial with that inflatable doll you shag with your tallywhacker.
-I haven’t had rumpy pumpy with that doll in years, I think the lass has a hole in her, but let’s do it! I hope we don’t get into a row with the Americans over it.
-Don’t be such a cunt. Americans love a cheeky joke. Haven’t you seen The Hangover?

Fucking yobs.