The Backstory Of The Man Punching A Kangaroo That Attacked His Dog Is Unbelievable And Heartbreaking

The video of a man punching a kangaroo that attacked his dog went viral over the weekend. Well, it turns out that there is a backstory to the crazy video, and it is quite incredible as well as equally heartbreaking.

In the most Australian video of all-time, a kangaroo attacks a dog and actually puts it in a headlock. The owner of the dog runs over to stop the roo from injuring the dog any further. The dude punches the kangaroo right in his dumb face. The video was originally shared on the Facebook page of user Steven Stubenraugh, and now has over four million views.

The kangaroo-punching man is Greig Tonkins, who goes by the nickname “Goo.” That’s not a terrific nickname. Goo is no stranger to animals because he is a zoologist who works in the elephant enclosure at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Australia.

“My mate only stunned it,” trip-organiser Mathew Amor told “His hand was OK, he didn’t hit it very hard at all. It was funny because the guy who did it is the most placid bloke. We laughed at him for chucking such a shit punch.”

Australians are the fucking best. Shitting on their friends for his sissy punch on a goddamn kangaroo.

Tonkins and his pals went on a pig-hunting trip back in June for a tragic reason: it was a dying wish for a sick young man with terminal cancer. The young man named Kailem went on the final hunt so he could be with his friends.

“Basically Kailem wanted to catch a boar,” Amor said. “And so a few of us got together to take him out, and another mate filmed more than an hour of video to put together as a DVD for Kailem and his family of the trip.”

Kailem died from cancer last week, just days after marrying his girlfriend Brandi-Lee.

Amor said Kailem would have loved all the attention his trip was receiving.

“Kailem would be looking down from up there [heaven] and laughing because it was the highlight of the trip,” Amor said.

Kailem will be laid to rest on Thursday.