This Kangaroo Attacked This Man’s Dog, So He Punched The Marsupial Right In Its Dumb Face

You don’t fuck with a man’s dog. It’s as simple as that. Mess with his woman, sure he might be upset for a week, but he’ll get a better gal. However, when you mess with man’s best friend you are in for trouble. But you don’t have to take my word for it, just ask this kangaroo who got socked in the face.

In a story that could only be from Australia, a kangaroo had a dog in a headlock (Yes, you read that correctly). So the dog’s owner raced to the animal brouhaha and squared up with the kangaroo. He then proceeded to punch the marsupial right in its dopey face. The kangaroo’s face is full of bewilderment after receiving a right hook. That roo is just lucky that it is a living tripod and his tail prevented it from falling to the ground.

This man should just thank his lucky stars that he didn’t have to box one of those roided up roos.

The moral of the story is don’t fuck with a man’s dog. That goes for even kangaroos.