A Restaurant That Only Serves Bacon, Egg and Cheese Sandwiches Is Coming To New York City

Bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches are a staple in a Bros diet, right up there with Busch Lights and Gatorade. A solid bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sammy is the key to soak up all those leftover alcohol fumes after a night of heavy drinking. It’s also protein-filled and delicious when you drench it in hot sauce and it gets all mixed in with the grease. Yum!

Today we learn that a restaurant that exclusively serves breakfast sandwiches will soon open in New York City. It’s called “BEC” after the classic bacon, egg and cheese and follows in Manhattan’s fine tradition of food establishments that serve only one thing, like exclusively chicken fingers or exclusively mac and cheese.

BEC will serve more than just bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches, of course. And for $7, it better be the best fucking bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich we’ve ever tasted cause that shit only cost $4 at Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, and my bodega down the block. Via DNA Info:

BEC will offer a $7 classic bacon, egg and cheese on “custom brioche,” according to a preliminary menu included with a liquor license application.

Other offerings include the “Spicy Spaniard” featuring manchego cheese and Serrano ham, the “Farmhouse,” which drizzles honey and fig jam on pancetta and ricotta, and the “Greeky Roman,” which comes topped with lamb sausage and feta, all for $9.

The place plans to dole out breakfast sandwiches from 7 AM until 2 AM, according to records filed with the city.

The restaurant’s owner, Jessica Bologna, said the eatery should open within the next couple months.

I hope it’s 24-hours, too. Nothing tastes better after guzzling beers all night than a breakfast sandwich at 3AM.

[H/T: Thrillist]

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