‘Bad Lip Reading’ Just Dropped A Ted Cruz Video And I’m Laughing So Hard I Might Have Pissed Myself

With Super Tuesday in the books Republican presidential candidate and junior Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, firmly cemented himself as the #2 behind Donald Trump. Around the time that Ted Cruz was scooping up his 161 (total) delegates the bros from Bad Lip Reading were working to push out a video on Ted Cruz, and this might be their most hilarious political video yet. And I’m not saying this as hyperbole, I laughed my ass off watching this video.

Also, let me just get this out of the way: I’ve got nothing against Ted Cruz, and if he’s the candidate you’re voting for I hope you don’t take this personally, I’m just Team Kasich so I have no qualms making jokes about Ted Cruz alongside Bad Lip Reading.

Now let’s get serious for a moment: I believe this latest rendition of Bad Lip Reading (aka take down of Ted Cruz) is further proof that Teddy is the Zodiac Killer. A recent poll by Public Policy Polling found that 38% of Florida voters believe that Ted Cruz could be the Zodiac Killer, and I guess I’ll have to count myself amongst those numbers going forward.

As for the new campaign slogan that Ted Cruz was given by Bad Lip Reading: ‘I need a bogel for the glotch.’ I kind of think that Ted should use it, but instead of using as his own he should use it to highlight how the spelling of frontrunner Donald Trump. If he has any hopes of winning he needs to bust out his axe now, there’s really no tomorrow if he continues to play nice guy.

If any of you bros missed Bad Lip Reading’s videos of both the first Democratic Debate and first Republican Debate you can click either of those links and laugh your asses off, because they’re phenomenal.