Bachelor Bros, I’ve Got Some Bad News About Your Bank Accounts

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Bros, if you’re out there trying to get that paper then I’ve got some news for you that’s either great or catastrophic, depending on how much you love to change poopy diapers.

A new study has found that fathers get paid significantly more money than men without children who are doing the exact same jobs. So if you’re looking to be a father at least you now know that there’s some financial incentive to do so. Me? I’ve still got a metric dickton of traveling I’d like to do in life before even thinking about trying to become a father, so this isn’t the greatest news for me.

Harry Redhead of The Metro reports:

Research conducted by the TUC found that fathers are receive a wage ‘bonus’ of 21 percent. Men with two children earn around 9 percent more.
According to the report, the reason may be because fathers put in longer working hours and more effort. Employers may see fatherhood as a sign of reliability. The TUC said that CVs from women with children were marked down.
In stark contrast to the experience of working mums, who often see their earnings fall after having children, fatherhood has a positive impact on men’s earnings,’ said TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady.
‘It says much about current attitudes that men with children are seen as more committed by employers, while mothers are still often treated as liabilities.
‘While men play a much more active role in raising their children nowadays, many are afraid to request flexible working or time off in case it damages their career prospects.’

I’ve recently reached that almighty milestone in life that every man dreams of, that moment when his mother begins to start asking him once a week when the grandkids are coming. It’s great, it’s like all of the guilt of parenthood but without any of the dirty ass diapers, so I can totally handle this for now. I’m perfectly happy with just having a dog for now. Even if it means I’m sacrificing wages by not becoming a father I’m okay with that, because if we’re being honest here I’m still immature AF, and definitely not ready to take care of a tiny human being.

I’m curious what you bros think though: does the news that men with one kid receive bonuses around 21% more change your opinion on fatherhood? Answers down below in the comments section…

(h/t Metro UK)