‘Bagged’ — The New Dating Show That’s Sure To Give People Nightmares

Bagged TV show

If only there were a dating show which mixed the nightmare fuel that is the blue man group with the harsh reality of kidnapping. Wish no more because Bagged is here.

From the minds of, oh I don’t know…a certified lunatic or people not quite sick enough to make it into ISIS, Bagged is the new series from MyxTV where three bachelors attempt to win the affection of a woman with a possible hostage fetish. All three men on Bagged compete with super tight “bags” over their faces. Last man to survive without asphyxiating himself gets the girl.

According to the official website, the producers of Bagged want to find out “if beauty skin deep or will personality prevail?” and also just how far they can go without treading on UN rules on human torture.

Speaking of human torture, here’s a clip from the first episode of Bagged.

Here’s the only upside to being on Bagged — you do asinine things to win a girl’s affection but at least your identity is protected by a mask. The losers should leave the room immediately before being unmasked. Maybe even leave the country, just because I don’t want to live in the same country as people who’d agree to be on this type of show.

I’m sure this show will be a huge hit because most terrible TV shows are massive hits.

Stay tuned for the spinoff to Bagged, titled Brown Bagged, where contestants decided whether or not to put a brown bag over person before screwing. It’s on right before Beer Goggles and it’s new spinoff, Double Bagging It.

H/T Dishnation

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