This Guy Might Have Gotten Out Of Work With The Greatest Lie Of All Time And It Involved A Banana

by 5 years ago
Hit In Crotch


What’s the craziest lie you’ve ever told to get out of a day at work? It doesn’t matter the lie, this guy has you beat. He’s going with the “Mrs. Doubtfire excuse” and claiming a drive by fruiting put him in the hospital.

A hapless man was taken to hospital after claiming a banana launched from a passing vehicle slammed into his private parts in a drive-by ‘fruiting’.

Police said the man was discovered lying at the roadside, writhing in agony, near the Quick Food convenience store in Westfield, Massachusetts.

A passer-by had raised the alarm after seeing him stumbling towards the store.

When asked by officers what the issue was, he apparently described how he had been struck by the yellow fruit which had been flung from a car window.

The guy told cops he was “hit in the banana with a banana” so they took him to the ER. He was given a note getting him out of work even though there was no noticeable injury and the cops never found a banana at the scene. Of course there was no banana, who’s going to leave a perfectly good banana in the middle of the street.

[via Mirror]

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