Did Bank of America’s Long Hours Kill a Summer Intern?

London police are treating the death as non-suspicious. And Bank of America had this to say in a statement: “He was popular amongst his peers and was a highly diligent intern at our company with a promising future. Our first thoughts are with his family and we send our condolences to them at this difficult time.”

But the truth might be a bit messier for the bank. Fellow interns of Erhardt's have taken to the message boards of Wall Street Oasis to say that not only was Erhadt considered one of the hardest workers in the intern pool, he was in the midst of an impossibly brutal last week of banking. The 21-year-old may have actually pulled three all-nighters in a row before his death, according to one fellow employee, and the rumors have circulated throughout London that he didn't die from a seizure, but a heart attack, possibly brought on by the stimulants needed to stay up 72 hours straight.

If any of this is true—and, again, much of it could be rumor—then Erhardt's death should give any workaholic pause. Offers aren't worth dying for.

[H/T: Bloomberg]