Everyone’s Claiming This Is Banksy, The World’s Most Famous Graffiti Artist, Caught On Camera

There are murmurs all throughout the art world that the most elusive and famous street artist in history, Banksy, was just filmed in the act. A clip taken from an alley in Melbourne, Australia shows what appears to be a 100% legit Banksy mural, and a man wearing glasses and a hoodie fleeing the scene. The person filming then pursues what appears to be Banksy himself and captures him on camera.

If this is legit, and lots of people are saying it might be, then this would be the first time the world’s seen the face of Banksy:

So this could be him. After all of these years we might finally know what Banksy looks like, or this could be an elaborate hoax.

A tipster sent us that clip last night. So a big shout out to Lisa, wherever you are. But over the past 24 hours this footage has since gone viral. It’s been picked up by the Daily Mail, Metro UK, and all sorts of local news stations in Melbourne.

According to Australia’s 9 News this footage was taken in Hosier Lane, a hot spot for graffiti in Melbourne. And it is a Queensland senator, Pauline Hanson, depicted in the street art with wearing a t-shirt with the slogan ‘Fuck Off, We’re Fools’.

I suppose we’ll never know for certain if this really is Banksy but the evidence seems to imply that it might be. ‘The Art of Banksy’ exhibition opens up in Melbourne this month showcasing over 80 works of art from Banksy. So it would stand to reason that he’d be around town for the exhibition launch this Friday.

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