Check Out This Bar Manager Start Bashing Skulls With A Pool Cue To Break Up An Intense Brawl

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I could tell immediately that this was a “pub brawl” rather than a bar brawl. How did I know? Everyone looks dressed super British. A lot of that long sleeve shirt under a puffy vest look.

Here’s the description of the brawl via the Uploader –

This CCTV video captures the moment a brave landlord stood his ground when fighting broke out in his pub, using a POOL CUE to break up the brawlers. The ruckus started when former Grand National jockey Sean Quinlan, racehorse trainer Paul O’Neill and friend Luke Cooper set upon drinkers Martin Reeves and Adam Smith. During the two minute video they can be seen punching, kicking and throwing bar stools at the two victims while they are on the floor.

Have you ever heard of a more hilariously British collection of names?

Wait, “former Grand National jockey…”? Aren’t those guys like four feet tall? I’m not seeing anyone in this video who needs a step stool in order to throw a punch. Whatever.

I’m usually not a big fan of these CCTV fight videos because you can’t really see any of the good action, but this one doesn’t disappoint. Some real vicious shots thrown, and this thing gets pretty savage.

Everyone gets crazy worked up. Well, everyone except for this grey-haired fella who just kinda hangs off to the side. He pretends like he’s trying to break it up, but really just yells “stop, you guys!” while trying to get as far away from the action as possible-

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.41.50 AM

I can’t hate on that guy because that would definitely be me in this situation.

The fight gets so intense that one guy’s pants get pulled down AND his shirt gets pulled over his head! If you’ve ever been in a fight, you’ll know that bare assed and blind is a difficult position to be in.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.45.32 AM

Out of nowhere, our hero, who seems to be way older and definitely smaller than everyone, reaches for his weapon of choice – a pool cue. I’m not sure you can really call it “breaking up a fight” if you basically just join in and start knocking people out. But hey, if his goal was to incapacitate the fighters, he certainly succeeded. Bra-vo.

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