A Salmon Jizzed On President Barack Obama Today

You want your leaders to display certain amounts of dignity and panache when on diplomatic missions. Think MacArthur returning to the Philippines, Franklin holding court in Paris, or even Khrushchev coming to the UN.

What you don’t want is them to get jizzed on by a fish. But that’s what happened to Barack Obama today during his great Alaskan tour. A salmon shot its salmon sperm at him.

From the pool report, per Nat Herz:

On Kananak Beach the president called Bristol Bay “one of the most important natural resources the United States has.” He chatted with fisherman and put on rubber gloves to grip a silver. Something squirted out and he was told it was spawing. Not something you want to get on your shoe, he joked.

I hope Donald Trump picks this salmon as his running mate.

[H/T @KaySteiger]