Video Compares Amount of Times Barack Obama Has Said ‘I Will Not Rest’ to His Rounds of Golf


Since his inauguration, Barack Obama has played one round of golf for every 11 days he’s been in office. That’s roughly an average of 30 rounds of golf per year and it’s probably more golf than most guys who keep their permanent residence in a place where winter happens get to play each year. (Side note: Fuck you, Winter.) 

The maker of this video thinks that’s too much golf for the President of the United States of America to play while in office (I’m guessing). The objective of this video (again, guessing) is to prove that Barry O is a LIAR and a good for nothing RESTER. How will they accomplish that? By showing all the times he has promised to not rest until X, Y, or Z gets done while at the same time tallying his rounds of golf. Devious plan.

In all fairness to Barry, though, golf can be exhausting, so technically he’s not “resting.” Sure, he’s probably not doing much work out there, but he’s also not really resting either. Unless he’s like me and takes a fierce and necessary two-hour nap after he plays to recharge the batts.

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