This BBQ Smoker Steam Engine Just Changed The Barbecue Game Forever



The phrase ‘just changed the game forever’ gets tossed around so cavalierly these days, but in this case I’m actually quite certain that this man’s creation is going to have a lasting impact on anyone who sees it.

This is a steam engine smoker barbecue, and I want it. As he takes us through the replica steam engine converted into barbecue smoker, it becomes apparent just how much a labor of love this thing must have been to build. Multiple steam valves throughout give the illusion of an actual locomotive, because I assume we’re dealing with America’s biggest railfan here. But enough about me describing it, just check this thing out:

Just an aging man doing (and building) what makes him happy.

So why has this changed the barbecue game forever? Because now the wheels of creativity are spinning, and you’re likely thinking about what it would take to build your dream barbecue.

I can’t be certain, as I’ve only had a few minutes to think about this…but if I was going to construct something as extravagant as this I’d want to build it out of a vintage Plymouth Barracuda, adorned with actual barracuda fish popping out of it throughout. Or I’d want it to be built around the Iron Throne in a semi-circle, so I could sit on my throne of swords and be surrounded on three sides by the world’s greatest barbecue.


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