Hottest Barber On The Planet Is Using A Blowtorch To Style Customer’s Hair

I’ve been seeing pictures of this barber for a few weeks now but didn’t come across the actual news story until earlier today. Ramadan Odwan is a 37-year-old barber who lives in Gaza and makes a living styling hair. He was interviewed yesterday by Reuters because Mr. Odwan possesses a unique talent most barbers don’t have: he’s skilled with a blowtorch.

He’s been doing this for about two months, taking a blowtorch to client’s heads while styling their hair at the end of a haircut. Before busting out his blowtorch Ramadan Odwan first applies a protective liquid substance to his client’s hair, and he claims this substance is totally safe.

With overnight worldwide fame as the barber that uses a blowtorch, you’d think that Ramadan Odwan would be printing cash with an endless list of clients trying to get their heads set on fire. But Mr. Odwan is only charging $5 a pop for this unique hair treatment, and he’s ever not going to make it rich at that rate.

Barber uses Blowtorch

YouTube / Johnny Bishop

[h/t Reuters]

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