Bartenders Try To Guess If People Are Underage By Looking At Them And They Are Baaaaad

Bartenders can lose their jobs if they serve underage customers and their bosses can get slapped with huge fines. In rare cases, it can even land someone other than the underage drinker in jail. So it’s actually important for a bartender to be able to identify who is and isn’t underage on the fly because most bars in America don’t have bouncers.

When the bar gets busy and they have new customers they need to be able to identify potentially underage drinkers on the fly while handling the orders from a shitload of other customers. And this means that, in general, bartenders should be pretty adept at identifying who is and isn’t 21+. What’s funny, is based on this footage your average bartender is actually pretty bad at it.

This is just the latest clip from Cut Video, the company who years ago released ‘Grandma’s Smoke Weed For The First Time‘ and hit the ground running on YouTube.

[h/t DIGG]

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