Students Celebrate Last Day Of School By Throwing The Most Paper I’ve Ever Seen Down The Stairs

by 11 months ago
Basha High School Paper Toss Senior Tradition


This amazing moment of catharsis was captured at Basha High School in Chandler, Arizona. It was approved by the school’s administrators because the students were all in charge of cleaning up the mess….This is A LOT OF PAPER. When I first saw this video I didn’t think there was any possibly way that students throwing papers down the stairs could be interesting but this truly is impressive.

Apparently, this a tradition at Basha H.S. and it’s called the ‘Paper Drop’ or ‘Paper Toss’ depending on who’s reporting about it…Way to put some thought into naming that one, kids. It’s a tradition for the seniors to throw all of the paperwork that they’ve saved for ALL FOUR YEARS of high school and on the last day of school they throw that insane accumulation of paper down the stairs.

This is what four years of H.S. for an entire graduating class looks like condensed into one moment. And it appears as if the 2017 Paper Toss had A LOT more paper than in previous years. While cruising through YouTube I found this video of the Basha High School Paper Toss from two years ago, and while there’s a literal shit ton of paper I still don’t think it stacks up to the amount of paper thrown this year:

[h/t ABC 15 Arizona YouTube]

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