Basketball Coaches Fired For Using High School Bus To Go On Beer Run

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In what some may consider to be the most egregious case of injustice ever, two high school basketball coaches were canned for going on a beer run. Sure they used a high school bus to grab some cold brewskis and left a bunch of kids unsupervised, but c’mon, they’re high school kids, not kindergartners. Who’s mother didn’t go on beer runs when they were small children? We all turned out just fine.

We take you to Warner, Oklahoma where two basketball coaches from Tishomingo High School left their team of high school players so tthat they could purchase alcohol. The team was attending a basketball camp at Connors State College when the coaches had a hankering for some beer.

“We noticed that the school bus was gone, but (the coach) had told us to stay in our dorms and so we proceeded to do that,” said Kyle Miller, one of the Tishomingo High School basketball players who was on the trip. The coaches probably should have taken a page out of “The Bad News Bears” and given the kids some beers in exchange for their silence. Miller said the team had no idea what happened to the bus until the next day. Apparently, the clerk from a convenience store ratted on the coaches and alerted officials from Connors State College. Way to appreciate your customers. The coaches were fired the very next day.

“We were pretty upset because we paid money out of pocket to go that camp, because we had to stay for three nights and we had to end up leaving on the second day,” said Miller. Well, that part sucks. If the coaches had to be fired why not do it after the basketball camp to not fuck over the kids.

Ummm, the coaches took the bus to the basketball camp. They didn’t have their own vehicle to go on the beer run so they innocently borrowed the school bus to get some beer, the elixir of life. You’re not gonna Uber a ride to a convenience store to get beers when you’ve got a perfectly capable vehicle right outside your door. I’m sorry, I thought this was America where it was legal to crack open a cold one with the boys. Why isn’t there a GoFundMe started for these two beer-loving coaches to assist them from making one itsy-bitsy mistake?


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