Man On Bath Salts Poops On The Floor, Head-Butts Cops Like A Minotaur



I could have said ‘Florida Man On Bath Salts…’ in the headline but you already knew this incident took place in Florida long before clicking, didn’t you? This incident took place last Friday in Orlando when police showed up to a large gathering of 40 or so people in the street, and recognized Robert Steven Ortiz Jr. from previous run ins with the law and went to approach him as they claim he appeared to be rolling a joint.

After police noticed Ortiz Jr. attempting to conceal the aforementioned joint in his palm, they also caught scent of what smelled like synthetic drugs (bath salts and/or K2), and tried to restrain Robert Steven Ortiz Jr. Right about then is when things started to spiral out of control: Ortiz Jr. then tried to destroy the joint by tossing it in a storm drain, and then after police ordered him to stop resisting and put his hands behind his back he tossed a plastic container full of bath salts into the street. It was around this time the suspect began to threaten to head-butt one of the arresting officers.

The suspect was then taken to the Orange County Jail, where he proceeded to piss and crap all over the floor before he lost his balance and cracked his head. It was then on his way to the hospital when he became violent and laid a big ol’ head-butt into the right temple of one of the officers (remember: bath salts).

Obviously this lover of bath salts is still in jail five days later. According to the Orlando Sentinel “Ortiz was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer with violence and resisting an officer without violence. He was also charged with tampering with physical evidence and nuisances injurious to health.”

I can only assume that before the police showed up to the 40 block of North Magnolia Avenue in Orlando where the 40 or so people had gathered to partake in some wholesome bath salting that this is how the dude was feeling:

But still sitting in jail five days later, this is probably how things are right now:

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