Bathroom Hand Dryer Accidentally Sprays Piss All Over Man, Restaurant Responds With Perfect Care Package

“I didn’t get any sympathy, my girlfriend was nearly wetting herself with laughter.” — Is the reaction one man had after hitting the bathroom to unload some of those unlimited refills and was left covered in piss. Midway through relieving himself in the bathroom of Handmade Burger Company, Gordie Wallace tripped the automatic hand dryer that’s poorly situated directly over the toilet. Afterwards he was forced to face his girlfriend in the dining room, covered in urine-soaked pants and a left shoe that was drenched in piss. So on Sunday Mr. Wallace took to the restaurant’s Facebook page to express his displeasure at the poorly place hand dryer. As of the time I wrote this Gordie’s Facebook post has 25,000+ likes and over 3,000 shares. The Handmade Burger Company restaurant responded, and now their response is also going viral.

First, Gordie Wallace’s Facebook page:

“Hello, could I possibly share my traumatic experience at your Aberdeen branch in union square?
After enjoying a meal with the misses I took a trip to the little boys room to empty my rather full bladder due to the fantastic refill option you have on your menu.
Due to the poor design of your bathrooms and unfortunate placing of the automatic hand dryer, half way during my urination the hand dryer decided to go on full pelt thus blowing my pish stream all over the place, nearly all over my trousers and sadly leaving me with a soggy trainer on my left foot.
I’m now going to be forced to throw out my sodden sock, walk about with a pishy foot and now believe I have developed a phobia of hand dryers.”

This is where the hand dryer was situated:

In a Facebook statement to Gordie Wallace, the Handmade Burger Company offered up the following words and items as a way to make good on Mr. Wallace’s piss-soaked pantaloons.

“Hi Gordie, we’re really sorry to hear about your experience in our Union Square restaurant. This is the first time that this has happened in the five years that we have been open. We’d like to send you a pair of trainers and a supply of socks every month for a year to compensate. Also, as you can see from the picture attached, we have asked all of our restaurant teams to perform rigorous tests in their toilets to ensure that this is a one-off experience as a result of this. If you’d like to direct message us your home address we will be able to arrange your trainers and sock subscription.”

That message accompanied the following picture:

Free shoes and free socks for a year? All for a little piss on your pant legs? That’s not too bad at all. It’s awesome to see a restaurant play along, and actually make a tough P.R. situation into something positive. If I’m ever in Aberdeen I’ll be sure to check out the Handmade Burger Company.

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