So 542 People Dressed Like Batman Walk Into A Canadian Town…


In case you weren’t hanging out in Calgary, Alberta, Canada this weekend, things got a little crazy in the name of charity.

More than 500 employees gathered outside the headquarters of an oil and gas company dressed as the Caped Crusader to raise money for charity and maybe break a world record. Yes, there is a world record for the “most people dressed as Batman gathered in one spot” and it’s not “in your wet dreams.”

The previous record was 520 men dressed like Batman but the folks at Nexen crushed that record with 542 Dark Knights huddled together in broad daylight. No word on the amount of money raised and where the hell you’d get 542 Batman costumes.

Imagine everyone going to the bar after the event and the drunk stares from bar patrons.

H/T The Independent

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