These Batteries Exploding In Slow Motion Look Like Tiny Space Rockets And It’s Trippy As Hell

I’ve been on a science kick over the past two days. Yesterday, I brought you bros this footage showing what happens when you drop a powerful magnet inside of a copper pipe, a video that’s been picking up millions of views because it’s so bizarrely fascinating.

Today, I’m back to share this footage from The Slow-Mo Guys, the duo on YouTube who has picked up nearly 9 million subscribers simply by filming cool shit in slow-mo HD. In the footage above they’re blowing up some batteries by igniting them with a blowtorch.

I like to think that I’ve tinkered around with most things. Between Chemistry/Physics classes, both in HS and College, and events like the Scientific Olympiad, I got to participate in some pretty fun experiments that usually resulted in us blowing things up. But I was always very cautious of messing around with batteries. Something about the corrosive nature of batteries always turned me off from wanting to crack them open and play around. Now, I’m second guessing everything I’ve ever known about batteries because using a blow torch to blow them up looks fun as hell.

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