Dude Drops A Magnet Inside Of A Copper Pipe And I’m Suddenly Tripping Balls And Wading In The Velvet Sea

Science is awesome. This bro set out to film a YouTube video showing what happens when you drop magnets inside of a copper pipe and suddenly it’s like time slowed down, possibly even reversed. I find myself thinking back to childhood and how awesome field trips were to Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry where we got to play around with experiments like this all day long.

For reasons unbeknownst to me, this video from 2012 is just now going viral again after someone jacked it and re-uploaded the video to YouTube. I came across the stolen video earlier this morning on Twitter, but it’s a slow morning and I thought to search YouTube to see if it’s old…It was, but now I’m sitting here wondering just why in the fuck people steal YouTube videos in the first place.

What’s the best case scenario in stealing someone’s YouTube video? You get a bunch of views in several hours before the original content owner files a takedown and Google flags your account, stops all ad revenue, and even potentially deletes your YouTube account? What’s the end game here?

Also, I want to send a shout out to all my Phish phan readers out there who clicked just because I mentioned ‘Wading in the Velvet Sea’ in the headline.

(h/t r/videos)